Flipboard Journalism Links For Monday

I’m experimenting with something different here. Instead of collecting links and posting them with comments here on the blog, I’m collecting them into a Flipboard magazine. I’ll see if this is less time-consuming than my old method. Let me know what you think. Naturally, WordPress.com is being a pain in the butt with regard to… Continue reading Flipboard Journalism Links For Monday

Experimenting With Github In Journalism Classes

This semester, I’m trying something different in my Online Journalism class: using Github as a platform for collaboration on a final project. As this is a complicated topic, I’m going to break it down into several posts. Students in the class have always produced final projects. Initially, each student would work on his/her own final project. They… Continue reading Experimenting With Github In Journalism Classes

Some links for a Thursday

MuckRock A  collaborative site (not just for journalists) that fosters government accountability through freedom of information. App: Video Teleprompter, autocue on your phone | Media news “Video Teleprompter is the equivalent of an autocue for mobile and allows journalists to upload a script and record video simultaneously, making for more prepared presentations. 8 Must-Watch Documentaries… Continue reading Some links for a Thursday

Some Links Of Interest For A Monday

This is a curated list of links I’ve found around the Web related to media, journalism and technology. I’ll post these lists as I come across material I find of interest. Let me know if you find this helpful. Any material you see in quotes (” “) is from the original article. Words that follow… Continue reading Some Links Of Interest For A Monday

A New Place For My Thoughts

  For 10 years, I’ve been blogging about college media, technology, journalism and the media. For most of that time, I blogged (and tweeted) at Innovation in College Media (@cicm). Last year, I stepped down from blogging at ICM to work on a local music blog and experiment with hyperlocal publishing. but I’ve still been tweeting out tech-related links at the… Continue reading A New Place For My Thoughts