A New Place For My Thoughts


For 10 years, I’ve been blogging about college media, technology, journalism and the media. For most of that time, I blogged (and tweeted) at Innovation in College Media (@cicm).

Last year, I stepped down from blogging at ICM to work on a local music blog and experiment with hyperlocal publishing. but I’ve still been tweeting out tech-related links at the @cicm Twitter account.

Today that changes. I’m starting this blog to publish my random tech/media/journalism-related thoughts and links. I’m starting from scratch on Twitter as well. You can follow my new account @murleyonmedia.

It will be odd to abandon an account with over 2,000 followers who’ve been with me for much of the past 7 years. But @cicm is really just me at this point. The original idea behind the account (the Center for Innovation in College Media) is little more than a memory in the minds of most people.

I’m not here to focus on the past, but to move on to better things that lie ahead. So with that introduction, let’s talk about whatever.


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