Some Links Of Interest For A Monday

This is a curated list of links I’ve found around the Web related to media, journalism and technology. I’ll post these lists as I come across material I find of interest. Let me know if you find this helpful. Any material you see in quotes (” “) is from the original article. Words that follow a hyphen (-) is my editorial comment.

  • Thimble by Mozilla – An online code editor for learners & educators.
    Mozilla’s Thimble looks to be an easy-to-use online code editor, which has a split-screen interface similar to other code-training sites. I’ve used it in my 3703 Online Journalism class already, and the students seem to like using it.
  • Research explores citizenship, democracy and journalism
    “what we are seeking to do is figure out ways of instructing students in a form of journalism that helps communities recognize their shared problems and act on them. Our goal is to develop innovative ideas in pedagogy, curriculum and other means that bring about meaningful changes in journalism education.”
  • 12 tips for writing fast – or at least faster | Poynter.
    “To be a good writer, you have to learn to write slow. Some sentences or passages just take a long time. But slow writing need not be the norm. In journalism, the goal should be fast writing – or at least faster writing.” – Clark comes up with some good tips, but I’d disagree that the ‘goal’ for journalism should be fast writing (or even faster writing). The goal should be accurate writing, that is performed on deadline – a subtle, yet important difference.
  • A new tool from The Times of London lets you easily detect and capture quotes from a video » Nieman Journalism Lab
    “A new tool from The Times of London called quickQuote, recently open sourced, allows users to upload a video, search for and select words and sentences from an automatically generated transcription of that video, and then embed the chosen quote with the accompanying video excerpt into any article.” – If it works properly, this would be a huge tool for media in an increasingly video-intensive media environment.
  • Live-tweeting a breaking news story #PistoriusTrial
    The BBC’s Andrew Harding rounds up some tips for live-tweeting. Some may seem like common sense by now, but they deserve repeating.
  • 14 innovative journalism courses to follow this Fall – Storybench
    There’s a little something for any style of journalism future thinker here. Syllabi and assignments are available for your perusal as well.

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